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EUROCADETTE 2011 - L'Italia chiude al secondo posto

ITALIA-TURCHIA 0-3 (21-25, 22-25, 19-25)
ITALIA: Chirichella 7, Gobbi 3, Perinelli 7, Melandri 3, Scacchetti 5, Bosetti 12. Libero Bruno; Maruotti 3, Lestini 4, Carraro 2,Furlan, Ne. Fiesoli, All: Pieragnoli.
TURCHIA: Cakiroglu 8, Akin 6, Akman 8, Ercan 8, Arisan 8, Hocaoglu 10, libero: Bagci; Ylmaz. Ne. Aktas, Kalac, Kegan, Alici All: Motta.
Arbitri: Pashkevich (RUS), Sokol (POL)
Durata set: 25’, 27’, 26’
Italia: bs 13 a 4 mv 11 et 27
Turchia: bs 8 a 5 mv 13 et 18

Ankara. L’Italia esce sconfitta dalla finale dei Campionati Europei contro la Turchia con il punteggio di 3-0 (25-21, 25-22, 25-19) e paga a caro prezzo l’unica sconfitta subìta in questa rassegna continentale.
Per l’Italia si tratta della seconda medaglia d’argento della sua storia dopo quella ottenuta nel 2003 a Zagabria proprio con il ct Pieragnoli in panchina. Un vero peccato per le azzurrine che fino ad oggi avevano disputato un torneo molto positivo, ma che in questo atto conclusivo hanno forse risentito di un’eccessiva emozione; condizionate, inevitabilmente anche dal caloroso pubblico presente sugli spalti che non ha mai smesso di incitare le proprie beniamine che hanno giocato una partita attenta, brave in ogni fondamentale.

A fare la differenza è stata la difesa molto buona delle giocatrici turche alla quale hanno fatto da contro altare i molti errori commessi, soprattutto al servizio, dalle azzurrine: al termine della gara saranno 27 in totale, 13 dei quali in battuta.

Pieragnoli ha proposto la consueta formazione con la diagonale Scacchetti – Gobbi, Chirichella e Melandri centrali, Perinelli e Bosetti schiacciatrici, libero Bruno. Il ct ha poi provato a mischiare le carte, ma oggi non ha ricevute le risposte che cercava dalle sue ragazze.

MEDAGLIERE AZZURRO – 1995 e 2001 oro; 2003 e 2011 argento; 2005, 2007 e 2009 bronzo.

Comunicato Federvolley del 08/05/2011

Di seguito il comunicato finale della CEV sulle finali del campionato europeo cadette.
L'Italia chiude al secondo sconfitta dalle padrone di casa

It was the night everyone had dreamed of since weeks here in Turkey, with a group of young girls – mostly training at the Volleyball school founded only a couple of years ago by the local Federation – writing history for this country and claiming the first gold medal in history and in any age group. Turkey played the perfect game tonight in front of more than 4,000 fans at the "Baskent" sports hall and did not leave any chance to the Italians of Caterina Bosetti.
Bronze went to Serbia that needed four sets to cruise past Germany and add some more glory to the many international achievements obtained by this country in recent international competitions, including the gold medal claimed only two weeks ago by the boys here in Ankara.

Final standings

1. Turkey
2. Italy
3. Serbia
4. Germany
5. Poland
6. Slovakia
7. Spain
8. Greece
9. Slovenia
10. Belgium
11. Czech Republic
12. Ukraine

The top six are qualified for the 2011 FIVB Girls’ Youth World Championship; the teams ranked from 1 to 8 will also compete at the European Youth Olympic Festival scheduled for next July 23-29 in Trabzon, Turkey.

Individual Awards
MVP: Ece Hocaoglu (TUR)
Best Blocker: Mina Popovic (SRB)
Best Libero: Dilara Bagci (TUR)
Best Receiver: Caterina Bosetti (ITA)
Best Scorer: Jennifer Geerties (GER)
Best Server: Seyma Ercan (TUR)
Best Setter: Chiara Scacchetti (ITA)
Best Spiker: Elena Perinelli (ITA)

Final match: Turkey vs. Italy 3:0 (25-21, 25-22, 25-19)

More than 4,000 fans were in attendance tonight at the “Baskent” sports hall, all well equipped with their vuvuzelas and flags, to support the young “Sultans” in their quest for international glory.
Italy was nevertheless a very tough opponent, and not simply on paper, as this group had already defeated Turkey in a friendly match staged right before the start of this European Championship.
Caterina Bosetti and Elena Perinelli, the real stars of the Italian team, set the rhythm in the opening of the game, with an ace of the younger sister of Lucia – a regular face with the seniors – calling for the first mandatory stop (8:4).
As the game resumed, Seyma Ercan, one of the local favorites, was stopped by a terrific double block but Turkey got partially back on track with the serving turn of Ceylan Arisan (9:7) and even leveled the count at 10 only a couple of minutes later. Turkey cruised past for the first time at 14:13 with their excellent opposite Ece Hocaoglu and enjoyed a very narrow margin (16:14) by the second technical break after a net violation whistled to Caterina Bosetti.
It was immediately evident that this final was going to turn into a thrilling match to be possibly decided only by a few balls and the nerves of these very young girls were supposed to be a key factor in determining the fate of this campaign for gold.
A second touch of Chiara Scacchetti stamped another deuce on the scoreboard (18:18) but Turkey went up again with a winning serve of setter Cagla Akin that the Italians erroneously thought was going to fell off the court. Akin then served long but Scacchetti returned the favor (22:19) but the final rush fully belonged to Turkey that stamped the provisional 1:0 with an ace of the tallest girl included in their roster, Kübra Akman (197 cm).
With many errors affecting the performance of both teams as they were certainly feeling the pressure descending from the valuable trophy at stake tonight, the opening of set 2 was definitely not what Volleyball fans would love to see, but anyway Turkey moved up 11:7 before the Italians found back some consistency in block to claw back right before the second technical time-out (15:14) to finally tie at 16. Seyma Ercan re-stored Turkey’s lead (18:16) as the hosts were displaying a stellar performance in defense, mainly via their “pocket” libero Dilara Bagci. The money time saw Italy storm back to -1 (23:22) but it did not last, as the Turks clipped the next two rallies for a 2:0 lead that the audience celebrated with never ending choirs “Türkiye, Türkiye” accompanied by the special orchestra formed by the Volleyball Federation.
Turkey’s show continued also in set 3 (7:3 and 16:10) and even changing the setter, with Giulia Carraro replacing the only 15-year old Scacchetti, and the opposite did not produce the results that coach Luca Pieragnoli had hoped for, so the scenario the hosting country had dreamed of was gradually turning into reality with the first continental crown in history quickly approaching. There was a last Italian “flame” as the “Azzurre” finally displayed their best game for an 8:2 break that prompted a tie at 18, but Turkey did not waste this unique chance to climb to the top of Europe completing a perfect game in straight sets.

Comunicato Ufficiale CEV del 08/05/2011